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Your New Landing Spot

Landing 13 was known as a Landing Site on the Tule River Reservation where loggers after a hard day of work, would drop their logs for transportation. Our menu is inspired by the hardworking loggers and members of the community and their desire for delicious food. 


Developing our workforce

The early days of Tribal history the priority of an education was much depended on a household’s income. Informal schooling often took place at home so children could be readily available to assist in the day today household duties. As children grew older and started family’s of their own, much of the same practices had not changed.

As the tribe progressed and formed a tribal government, they knew they had the responsibility to educate its membership and create a workforce with quality education and skills that are a critical ingredient to build a strong Tribal economy.

Recognizing that work experience is a critical complement to education, the Tule River Tribe has developed and exercised plans for meeting employment needs, such as the Tribe’s TANF and WIA programs which caters to job preparation, also by ensuring that job openings are being properly advertised to tribal members. The Tribe also allows 10 hrs per week for full time working Tribal members to attend school.

Workforce development opportunities are particularly important because as Tribal economy grows, the Tribe will need a ready supply of homegrown applicants with the appropriate education and skills to move  into newly created jobs. With that being said, The Tule River Tribe has created the Tule River Scholarship Fund which provides each Tribal Member with a $150,000 scholarship for career and life advancement.

The Tule River Economic Development Corporation believes education is fundamental to long-term economic opportunities, by investing in the Tribal infrastructure we can build a strong economic foundation.